Like many writers, I love writing about almost anything. Covering a variety of topics helps keep my work interesting, exciting, and challenging. But I have a few sweet spots and areas that I feel I can write in as a subject matter expert. If you're looking for a productivity writer, you're in the right place. I'm a strong Enneagram 6, and my 9-5 career has always centered around project management, time management, and organization in some capacity. Alongside productivity, I love writing about the career world, whether that's a piece on developing leadership skills, effectively setting goals, or integrating your career into your life in a meaningful way.

I take pride in delivering high-quality content and leaving behind unforgettable stories. Below are just a handful of clips that I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out my additional brand-specific portfolio pages for more reads.

How to Maximize Your Time with the Pomodoro Technique

As goal-getters, big dreamers, and visionaries, it seems like we could all use just a little bit more time in our day. In a world full of commitments, busy schedules, sprinkled with distractions and interruptions, maximizing one's time is no easy feat. Fortunately, we can savor and take advantage of as many of those precious minutes as possible with Passion Planner and an effective time management strategy such as the Pomodoro Technique.

Self Care Tips to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

With 2020 behind us and a new year filled with new goals and optimism in full swing, the reality of winter and its short days, paired with the bitter cold, is sinking in. And for millions of Americans—particularly more women more than men—winter brings with it a dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This winter, I'm switching up my self-care rituals to combat the symptoms of SAD I often experience. The following are areas I'm focusing on and adjusting—might I suggest you do the same?

How Sudden Loss and Grief Helped Me Build Resilience

Before this time in my life, I had always strived to be in control of as much as possible. But when I found myself crying hysterically on the couch in my grief counselor’s office as I began to work through my feelings, I realized that change is inevitable. It wouldn’t be a matter of if something unexpected happens again, but when. Even though I felt like I had grappled with being in control up until this point, I learned to accept that life is unexpected, and I won’t always have control over what happens.