I'm glad you're here! I'm a former internal communications and change management specialist turned full-time freelance content writer. I write about the future of work, productivity, change management, project management, and all things career-related.

Before becoming a freelance writer, I was a Senior Communications Manager, leading internal communications and change management initiatives.

These specialties are at the forefront of helping knowledge workers do their best work. To help me succeed, I devoured time management, productivity, communications, career development, and leadership content. I'm proud of a few key accomplishments, including:

● Increasing the Communications score on an annual employee engagement survey by 23.5% in under one year
● Leading through a CEO transition and receiving positive feedback (90%+) about the supporting communication materials
● Developing internal meeting standards and agenda templates for various teams across a 300-person organization, increasing productivity (and written paper trails) by over 50%
● Conducting time management, change management, and Asana best practices training for various teams

Now, I share my experience and knowledge through writing.

I know what you're struggling with:
● You want your content to stand out and be unique, especially as more teams start to leverage bland, AI-generated writing
● You want real-world expertise baked into your content
● You want a writing partner you can count on who won't need hand-holding or close management because you have other priorities to attend to (and has experience working on teams)

You're in the right place if you're looking for a future of work content writer because:
● I deliver high-quality, helpful content that ranks (take a peek at my work for Clockwise or search "decline a meeting politely" on Google)
● I have experience in internal communications, change management, project management, teamwork, collaboration, startup culture, and more
● I've worked in 9-5 environments, so I know how to be a team player without needing to be micromanaged

I'm the writer (and results) you've been wishing for.

Take back your time. Reduce your stress. Publish great content.

    I'm an INFJ and Enneagram Type 6 on the Leo-Virgo cusp. I live in Denver, CO, with my high school sweetheart and our beloved Bengal cats, Yeti and Yowie.

    When I'm not stringing words together on my laptop, you will likely find me reading my latest Book of the Month pick, tucking fiercely at my local Pure Barre studio, watching New Girl for the millionth time, heading to a local coffee shop, or riding my gravel bike with my best friends.

    Oh, and there's another thing you should know about me: I always use the Oxford comma! (Okay, unless your style guide says Oxford commas are forbidden. Then I'll try my best to avoid using them, even though it kills me to do so.)