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6 Tips to Reset Any Day of the Week

I don't know about you, but yesterday was the Mondayest Monday for me. Despite welcoming the start of February on a Monday morning (I love when the beginning of a new month lines up with the beginning of the week, by the way), I didn't have the productive day I had hoped. And when the week starts rough, admittedly, it sets me up for a long week of disorder and potential chaos.

With the shifting nature of my daily schedule over the last almost full year of working from home, I catch myself needs resets throughout the week to get back on track. Sometimes one reset will do the trick, and other weeks, I find myself leaning into these strategies multiple times throughout the week. There's no shame in needing a hard reset to help you power through. This morning I thought, perhaps there's someone else out there like me needing a reset today. And so, I'm sharing the six strategies I lean into when I need a reset any day of the week, in case you find yourself needing them too.

When you wake up, tell yourself that today is going to be a great day! And say it out loud.

It's so important to get in the right mindset upon waking. Sometimes when I'm off track, I catch myself in a state of mind where I get caught up thinking every day will be challenging until I can reset fully on the weekend. But the truth is, we can't wait until the weekend to take care of ourselves. There's no time like today! So open your sleepy eyes, stretch your body out, and speak the good day ahead of you into existence.

Do a massive brain dump!

I'm a planner by nature (Enneagram 6 here), and I know I can't fully set myself up for success if I don't organize the to-do lists and unfinished tasks in my head. Even if you aren't a planner, do a brain dump to help you jot your thoughts down in your favorite notebook and release them. Free your mind from the clutter of the days behind you, and make space for what's to come. If it's helpful for you, organize your brain dump and create a to-do list to help set you up for the week ahead.

Indulge in a shower, and a full one if you'd like.

When I commuted to an office in full transparency, I was a wake-up and shower every morning type of gal. These days, I tend to start the day in my pajamas and shower in the evenings, switching from last night's pajamas into a clean set of pajamas. But when I need a reset, I do my best to shower as early in the morning as possible. To help me feel like the best version of myself, I take a "Level 3" shower, including washing my body, hair, and shaving. Taking care of my body and starting the day this way allows me to feel good about myself, increasing my motivation. If showers aren't your jam, try washing your face and dedicating extra time to your skincare routine.

Eat breakfast, complete with a full glass of water.

You have to fuel and hydrate your body to reap positive and productive energy. One of the things I tend to skip out on off days is proper nutrition and hydration. Do you have a similar habit? This morning I enjoyed sourdough toast with a banana and a glass of water. I'm not a nutrition expert, but what I do know is that I feel significantly better and more energized when I give my body what it needs. Don't forget the water!

Start your day doing something you want to do.

One of my favorite methods for getting back on track is to start my day with a small win, and one that I do entirely for myself. I'm not talking about an action item for work; I mean one little action you want to do to make yourself feel good. My dear friend, Stephanie Harrison, CEO of The New Happy, has done a tremendous amount of research on this topic. Read more about autonomy as it relates to starting your day doing something for you here.

Create an environment that will help you feel your best all day.

I'm a big believer in the effects that our environments have on us. Sometimes I need extra oomph to get me through a reset day. For me, this looks like cleaning off and reorganizing my desk when I need it. Other times, an environmental shake up consists of lighting a candle and setting it near my workspace for the day. Most recently, I've gotten into the practice of using aromatherapy sprays throughout the day.

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One Mondayest Monday doesn't have to ruin the course of your entire week unless you let it. What strategies do you use when you need to reset?

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